farmers market newsletter sept 2

Please enjoy this latest issue of the farmers’ market newsletter. Special thanks to Janice Johnson of the Master Gardeners, and Diane Kriletich of the Jackson market for their contributions, and as always, to Linda Hagye for her publication. There is lots going on at the markets this weekend, so bring your coupon and come enjoy the festivities!
Michelle Grondin
Market manager

Amador Farmers Market

September 2, 2010 Volume 2, Number 11
“Fresh From Our Farms To Your Home.”
Certified Farmers Markets are “the Real Thing:” places where genuine farmers offer only agricultural products they grow themselves for direct sale to the public.

Farmers Market

Pine Grove

Wed 3 to 6 pm


Thurs 4 to 7 pm

Sutter Creek

Sat 8 to 11am


Sun 10am to 1


Cilantro Pesto

2 cups fresh cilantro (about ½ lb)

1 clove garlic

½ c grated Parmesan Cheese

¼ pine nuts

1 tsp grated lime peel

2 to 3 Tbsp olive oil.

Blend together cilantro, garlic, cheese, nuts and lime peel until finely chopped. While blending, add 2 to 3 Tablespoons of olive oil until the consistency of a thick paste.

You can use immediately, chill up to 3 days, or freeze for later. Great as dip, on toast, and as part of salad dressing.

Makes about 2/3cup.

Sunset, July 1984

Amador Farmers Market.

Weekend Highlights from the Farmers’ Market

17th Annual Tomato Tasting Results, by Janice Johnson

The cold weather and a few sprinkles didn’t keep tomato lovers away from the Master Gardeners 17th annual tomato tasting on Saturday. There were 65 tomato entries, fewer than normal because most upcountry gardeners are just now getting ripe tomatoes. Steve Muni and George Erdosh judged the tomatoes based only on flavor. We had three separate categories by size and color of the fruit: Red and pink full size , non-red full size, and cherry tomatoes. Plus we gave a special award for the biggest tomato.

Heirloom varieties dominated the winner’s circle, besting all others in the full size red and non-red categories. Although heirlooms tend to win in the full size categories, the hybrid Sun Gold usually wins the cherry tomato category.

Here are this year’s winners:

In the red and pink full size category, Deb Lyons won with the heirloom Early Wonder, second place went to Dave Taylor with the hybrid Big Beef, and Greg Motch’s heirloom Italian Sweet took third. Dave Taylor also took the prize for the biggest, a two pound Beef Master!

In the non-red category, Deb Lyons won with the heirloom Big Rainbow, Glen Johnson’s Golden Girl hybrid was second, and third went to Hill Top Garden’s heirloom Nebraska Wedding.

As usual, Sun Gold won the cherry tomato category. The Sun Gold from Glen Johnson’s garden got first and Dave Brubaker got second with his Sun Gold. Deb Lyons got third with Green Grape.

The scores of all 65 entries are available at the MG office.

Jackson’s Sunday Events, by Diane Kriletich

On Sunday August 29, Jackson Farmers’ Market Creative Chef Sean Kriletich along with assistant Laurel Lickteig, Sean’s partner and local grower, demonstrated how to prepare grilled and stuffed peppers. Sean put on an excellent performance gathering peppers and other produce from local venders and explaining a simple way to grill and stuff them. The market goers thoroughly enjoyed the delicious peppers. It turned into a light lunch.

Following the tasting of peppers was The Scrumptious Scone Contest; 11 entries total. And they were all scrumptious. In the “Made with Fresh or Dried Fruit” category; 1st place went to Bob Hartman (Pine Grove) with an orange-cranberry scone, 2nd place to Linda Woods (Plymouth) with a cranberry walnut lemon scone, and 3rd place to Linda Velasquez (Paloma) with a cherry scone. The other category was “Made Without Fruit.” Anne Heissenbuttel (Pine Grove) received a 1st with her Tea Scone and Laurel Lickteig (Jackson) received 2nd with a breakfast scone. Luckily the contestants brought a lot of scones because market goers devoured them all after the judging.

This contest wouldn’t have been possible without our judges: Mel Welsh (Pine Grove), Wendy Harrington (Jackson), David Eck (Philadelphia). Thanks judges for your support in this contest.

Labor Day Weekend Events

Saturday at the Sutter Creek market, chef Steve Muni, of Hometown Kitchen on Hometown Radio, will demonstrate how to make panzanella, a wonderful Italian bread salad, using ingredients from the market. The timing couldn’t be better, with the expected warm weather this weekend! Be sure to come by at 9:00 am to learn how to make this delicious, rustic dish, made with summer’s best produce.

On Sunday in Jackson, there will be another cooking demonstration, with Creative Chef Gayla Roberts demonstrating both grilled goat and a chard vegetable dish at 10:45 am. Goat is a heart-healthy, lean, and delicious alternative to other meats, and is versatile, too. Come get some ideas on how to best prepare it, along with that summer and winter staple, chard!

Also on Sunday, due to popular demand, is the return of ice cream sundaes to the Jackson market. These special sundaes are made with almost entirely local ingredients, so don’t miss out!

Upcoming Events

In Jackson:

September 12, 10:45 Creative Chef Laurel Lickteig

And also on September 12, The Delectable Pie Contest—register entry by 11 a.m.

Two Categories: (1) Sweet and (2) Savory

Rules: —- majority of the filling must be made with local products —made with either fruit and/or vegetables —from scratch, no mixes, no store bought crust .

For more information, call Sean at 402-7801.

September 19, 10:45 Creative Chef Marta Johnson

In Sutter Creek:

September 18, 9:00 am – Apple Bakeoff

In Pine Grove:

September 22, 4:00 pm – Apple Bakeoff


Saturday, September 4 in Sutter Creek: James May

Sunday, September 5 in Jackson: Pat Keene

Wednesday, September 8 in Pine Grove: Ben Henry

Thursday, September 9 in Plymouth: Jack Magee

Sean and Laurel roasting peppers. Mmm. Scumptious Scones.

Scone Contest Judges. Cherry Winner Glen Johnson Big Tomato. WOW.

Amador Farmers Market

Good for one dollar off purchase at the Amador Farmers Market on Saturday Sept 2 thru Sept 7, 2010 at Pine Grove, Sutter Creek and Jackson only.

$1.00 off

Bring this coupon to the Amador Farmers Market


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