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Please enjoy this issue of the newsletter, published by Linda Hagye. Formatted version and photos attached. Don’t forget to bring your coupon with you to one of the markets! See you there!

Michelle Grondin

Market manager


Amador Farmers Market

AUG 26 2010


“Fresh From Our Farms To Your Home.”

Certified Farmers Markets are “the Real Thing:” places where genuine farmers offer only agricultural
products they grow themselves for direct sale to the public.

Amador Farmers Market.

Weekend Recap

The farmers’ market had another mouth-watering weekend, with
the August bakeoff in Sutter Creek on Saturday, and the Salsa Contest
in Jackson on Sunday. The bakeoff in Sutter Creek was judged by Steve
Muni, of Hometown Kitchen on Hometown Radio, and Fran Perry, of
Tea Eras on Main Street in Sutter Creek. The judges enjoyed entries
made with peaches, the theme fruit of the month. Lottie Tone of Sutter
Creek came in second with a delicious, finely textured Spicy Peach
Cake; and Carol Sethre, also of Sutter Creek, was the first-place winner
with her PeachaBerry Crisp that was bursting with fruit flavors. Both
contestants won “Amador Bucks” to spend at the market.

The annual Salsa Contest in Jackson is always a big hit with
customers, as it is a “people’s choice” contest, with everyone getting to
be a judge and vote for their favorite. Many tasters had a difficult time
choosing a favorite, as all of the entries were very different from each
other; these tasters enjoyed repeated trips to the salsa table as they
weighed their decisions and munched on the house-made tortilla chips
donated by Tambien Mexican Kitchen in Jackson, who also donated gift
certificates as prizes for the event. Customers and vendors quickly
snapped up the bags of these chips that were for sale at the market,
confirming the commonly-heard rumors that the chips are instantly
addictive. Vendor Mary Pulskamp successfully defended her title as the
salsa champ, repeating last year’s win with a tomatillo salsa. In second
place, with a “salsa fresca” made with a variety of homegrown tomatoes,
making it as pretty as it was delicious, was vendor Jayne Childress. In
third place was customer Kay Placido, whose spicy tomato salsa
converted even avowed “spice wimps.”

Upcoming Events

Due to the relatively cool summer, we’ve all been waiting a long
time for garden-fresh tomatoes. On Saturday in Sutter Creek, there will
be an abundance of them, not only for buying, but also for tasting, as the
Master Gardeners return with their annual Tomato Tasting event. Match
your taste buds against the judges’, and see if your favorite tomato wins!

Submitted by Diane Kriletich:

Jackson Farmers’ Market—Sundays 10-1, located behind Mel &
Faye’s Diner

Sunday, August 29, at 10:30 Sean Kriletich is our featured chef. He will
be preparing Quick & Delicious Roasted Peppers. Then at 11:15 is the
Scrumptious Scone Contest. Test your baking talent! All entries must
registered by 11 a.m. Prizes will be awarded in two categories: 1)
scones made with fresh or dried and 2) scones made without fruit.

Sunday, Sept 5, at 10:30 Marta Johnson is our featured chef. She will
be preparing Summer Vegetable Soup.

If you are interested in demonstrating a recipe you like, please contact
Diane at 772-1604, or dianek

Shopping Hints

1. Bring a cooler to protect your purchases from the heat.
2. Wear comfortable clothes and hat.
3. Try new things. Open yourself up to new taste experiences.
4. Check out the homemade pastries, jellies, jewelry and skin care products.
5. See you there!

Local Eggs

With the shocking egg recall happening nationwide, customers
are flocking to the farmers’ markets to buy what they perceive as “safe”
eggs. But are local eggs really safer? CBS news had the following article
on their website, with an interview of Michael Pollan, author of The
Omnivore’s Dilemma.

“’I buy farmer’s market eggs,’ Pollan told CBS News by email.

‘They cost more, but are a better product in every way, including taste
and – because they come from small flocks that get to spend time
outdoors – are safer as well. You’ll spend 50 cents an egg instead of 13,
but this is definitely a case of you get what you pay for.’

Research seems to back up Pollan, who has become the go-to guy on
the perils of factory farming.

In Europe, where the hen-confinement practices commonly used in the
U.S. are being phased out, the risk of salmonella is lower, according to
the Humane Society of the United States. In one study, 30,000 samples
from more than 5,000 egg operations across two dozen countries were
taken to compare the salmonella risk between caged and cage-free
farms. Without exception, there was a significantly lower risk of
salmonella infection in cage-free eggs.

And a 2002 study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology
found that people who ate eggs from caged hens had about twice the
odds of coming down with salmonella food poisoning compared to those
who did not eat eggs from caged hens, according to an article on the
society’s website.”


Wednesday, September 1 in Pine Grove: Crystal Image

Thursday, September 2 in Plymouth: Harry Jordan

Saturday, September 4 in Sutter Creek: James May

Sunday, September 5 in Jackson: Pat Keene

Farmers Market

Pine Grove

Wed 3 to 6 pm


Thurs 4 to 7 pm

Sutter Creek

Sat 8 to 11am


Sun 10am to 1 pm

Cucumber Salad
2 to 3 cucumbers, slice thin
1/3 cup mayonnaise or sour cream
1 T vinegar (or to taste)
1 ½ T fresh chopped dill
Salt and pepper
A little sugar.
Slice cucumbers in bowl. Combine other ingredients with cucumbers and
serve. Cucumbers will soften if serve later. Slice tomato will add color and
flavor. Recipe serves 4 to 6 approx.

Good for one dollar off purchase at the Amador
Farmers Market on Saturday Aug 26 thru Sept 1,
2010 at Pine Grove, Sutter Creek and Jackson only.

$1.00 off

Bring this coupon to the Amador Farmers Market


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