Yoga and Farm Fresh veggies !

James and Mary’s Organic Homegrown

SunEarthEnergy Eco-Farm 01.gif

Will be available at all of Marys yoga and tai chi class times! Please see the MHC calendar for days and time

Veggies available this week (8/18-25th)

CORN (Supersweet Ambrosia comb. white/ yellow ~~( 2/$1.50.)

WAX BEANS ( ‘Purple-Dragon’) ~~ ( $2 clamshell)

Summer SQUASH:

(Sweet/ buttery Heirloom Yellow Crookneck) ($1.50/lb)

Zucchini SQUASH: Tender/ summery ($1.50/lb)

TOMATOES (Tasty Sweet Large Heirlooms) ($3/lb)

CUCUMBERS (Assorted long and round/ lemon) ($1.50/lb)

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