Announcing a Speical Event

Hi All,

David Crow of Floracopeia is coming to Calaveras this Aug. 27-28th and I thought you might want to know about this event.

I am hoping the inspiring information he presents will, among other things, seed activity towards a local grassroots healthcare network – much like a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

Below are more details about what is being offered, beyond what is on the attached flier. Please be in touch if you have questions or want more information and if you want to register do so asap at This is a rare opportunity to learn about and experience in a lot of depth what natural medicine is and how we can benefit.

Meet David Crow of Floracopeia and learn and experience the depth of the global to local relationship between humans and plants, and their healing powers, for the individual, community, and the biosphere.

David Crow’s overview of the function and role of plants, from photosynthesis to the nutritional foundation of life as well as carriers of energy to consciousness provides a grounded understanding of his uplifting statement “Life is evolution of light into consciousness”.

Your journey will encompass and integrate all levels of the plant’s story into an experience of the wholeness and importance of the medicinal compounds derived from nature.

You will learn specific healing powers and benefits of certain plants, experience a relationship with these plants through meditating with sustainably grown and distilled therapeutic essential oils, and explore the hopeful promise of what grassroots healthcare could be in our communities Find out about “community immunity” and the use of plants on a larger scale for environmental cleaning and protection from viruses as well as everyday personal use. This is a special and rare opportunity, not to be missed by anyone interested in the healing gifts of plants for us and our entirely interdependent relationship.

To find out more about the global work of Floracopeia got to and also check out the just launched Grassroots Healthcare Network website, Medicine Crow at

Johanna Atman, Ph.D. CMT.

(209) 728-3569


150 Big Trees Rd.

Murphys, CA. 95247

Mailing Address:

16249 Armstrong Rd.

Sheep Ranch, CA. 95246


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