Farmers’ Market – Sunday – August 8 – Jackson and West Point

Jackson Farmers’ Market – Sunday August 8, 10 to 1 – Busi Parking lot, behind Mel and Faye’s Diner – Hwy 49 – Jackson

This Sunday will be SUN DAY at the Jackson Farmers’ Market. There will be demonstrations on the different ways to use this ultimate power source as well as all the produce which derives its energy to grow from the sun.

West Point Farmers’ Market – Sunday August 8, 3 to 5 – Blue Mtn Coalition for Youth and Families – Main Street – West Point – Keith Evans will provide musical entertainment


Caring For your Potted Plants

In the tropics, peppers, tomatoes and eggplant are all perennial plants. The tropical environment can be simulated by moving these plants indoors before the first frost. Of course in order to do this they will have to be planted in pots and potted plants generally require more care than those planted in the ground. The following are a few tips that can keep your potted plants of any type healthy with as little care as possible:

Mulch – mulching the soil surface is a great way to retain moisture and feed worms and other soil life as the mulch breaks down. When watering, this layer of mulch, also prevents soil from splashing up onto the
leaves, stems and fruits of the plants. Leaves, pine needles, straw, wood chips, shredded paper or just about anything else you can think of will work for this purpose. I also like to place a 1 to 2″ thick layer of mulch at the bottom of the pot before I fill it with soil. This serves the same purpose as using rocks or gravel for drainage but has additional benefits as well. Much as with surface mulch, as this layer breaks down it feeds the soil life which in turn feeds the plants. Using a myriad of particle sizes for this purpose, from large wood chips or broken sticks to leaves and shredded paper, allows for both immediate breakdown as well as longer
term breakdown which keeps the soil life fed throughout the life of the plant while maintaining adequate drainage. One disadvantage to this technique is that as the mulch breaks down the soil level in the pot
will drop. This is easily mitigated by removing the mulch on the surface and adding more nutrient rich soil to the pot.

Worms – be sure to ‘seed’ a few worms in your pots. They keep the soil aerated and feed the plants with their castings. I have noticed that the plants in pots which contain worms perform significantly better than their counterparts that do not contain worms.

Coffee or Tea – if you ever have left over coffee or tea in your cup or pot don’t put it down the drain, feed it to a potted plant. This is ‘free’ fertilizer!

Wrapping the Pot – Soil temperatures in pots can swing widely throughout the day. Soil in black pots becomes especially hot during the heat of the day which can kill root hairs (the tiny roots that uptake most of the nutrients for the plants). The soil temperature than falls at night making it difficult for the plants to set fruit. The soil temperature in the pot can be mediated by wrapping the pot in cardboard, cloth or some other insulating material. This can also serve the purpose of making your potted plants more aesthetically appealing.

Happy Growing!

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