Jackson & West Point Farmers’ Market Sunday July 18

Jackson Farmers’ Market – Sunday July 18, 10 to 1 – Busi Parking lot, behind Mel and Faye’s Diner – Hwy 49 – Jackson

Harry Jordan will provide musical entertainment

Next week, July 25th at the Jackson market we will have the “GREAT ZUCCHINI CONTEST” – There will be two categories, tastiest use of zukes (make an edible dish) and most creative (make a work of art).

Entries must be in by 11 a.m. Steve Muni will also provide a professional cooking demo with products from the market.

West Point Farmers’ Market – Sunday July 18, 10 to 1 – Blue Mtn Coalition for Youth and Families – Main Street – West Point

Bear Dyken will provide bicycle powered musical entertainment. Come out and see what human power can do and participate in the show by POWERING IT!

Helpful Hints:
-Cucumbers have a much wider variety of uses than those which are commonly known. They can be used just like squash in stir fries and other pan dishes. They can be used like zuchinni in cookies and breads. Also if there is just too many for you to use before they go soft put them in the freezer. They are great blended into cold beverages from smoothies to margaritas. All cucumbers can also be pickled. Very young lemon cucumbers work well as do satsuki madori and armenian cucumbers.

– Mulch is critical, during hot weather, for keeping soil temperature down and conserving moisture. Spending a little time spreading out cardboard, woodchips, grass clippings or just about anything else you might think of will save you time watering in the long run. Not only that but your plants will be happier and therefore provide you with more food.


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