Jackson Farmers’ Market Sunday June 13, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Come out this Sunday for the Jackson Farmers’ Market in the Busi Parking lot behind Mel and Fayes Diner from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Your local vendors will have fresh produce, fresh fruit, baked goods, meat, eggs, preserves, olive oil, body care products and more!

Misconceptions about Farmers’ Market Vendors

One common misconception is that everything at the market is organic or grown in an eco-friendly manner. This is just not the case. Yes, all of the vendors at the Farmers’ Market must be certified producers. That means they must file for a certified producers certificate with the Agriculture Department in the county that they are producing in. An Ag Dept official then goes out to the farm or garden and inspects to be
sure that it is possible that everything that is on the certified producers certificate is being grown by that producer. Growing practices are not taken into account in any manner in this process. The Certified Producers Certificate is only designed to prove that the producer is growing what he or she is selling. You, the
consumer must be the one to ask your vendor how they are producing their product. Products do not have to be organically certified to be eco-friendly, in fact organic certification and responsible practices are not necessarily related, however you do deserve to know how your food comes from the earth to your table.

Some Questions to Ask your Farmers’ Market Vendor when Shopping at the Market:

– What do you fertilize your plants with?

– Do you use herbicides on your farm?

– Do you use insecticides on your farm?

* The preceding 3 questions are especially important for products such as leafy greens and strawberries, which, when conventionally grown require large amounts of pesticides that studies have found are virtually impossible to wash out of these types of produce.

– Do you use Miracle-Grow? – Miracle grow is a petroleum based fertilizer.

– Do you mulch your plantings? Mulching greatly reduces water needs and if an organic mulch is used provides a slow release fertilizer.

* If a vendor cannot answer these questions I would not buy from them.


The Kriletich Family

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