Next WOVEN Meeting

Women of Vision Empowerment Network

Greetings WOVEN Members ~

This month’s gathering is hosted by WOVEN Founding Mother Ayla Miner, owner of “Chrysalis Woman”, an Herb Farm and Goddess Sanctuary.

TOPIC: WOVEN 6 Month Review

Friday, June 4th (1-3pm)
Motherlode Holistic Connections
8 Court Street, Jackson, CA

Meditation and grounding-10 minutes
Reading of Womanifesto
Introductions: Speak To Who You Are
Q&A: Opportunity to ask business related questions, receive guidance and support

TOPIC: WOVEN 6 Month Review:
Please come prepared to:

1) Go over original WOVEN Guidelines
2) Speak to your WOVEN experience since its inception
3) What’s Working / What’s Not?
4) What’s the future of WOVEN?

Volunteer for next gathering
Checking out, Comments, Announcements –
Closing circle

Things to Bring: Cards/Brochures/flyers etc to be shared and posted at MHC

Women are welcome to bring attached babe’s in arms, however are encouraged to find childcare for older children. No woman will be turned away do to mothering responsibilities, childcare is available on site by Jewel ( Brandy’s oldest daughter) for a small fee. Please contact Brandy at 209-304-8495 to make arrangements

Ayla has been facilitating sacred space for women to gather and learn about the Sacred Feminine and Feminist Theory since 1998 and is completely devoted to helping women awaken to their Sacred Divinity by remembering HER story, experiencing ritual and honoring their Sacred Cycle Wisdom.

She helps Women reawaken to their Wisdom by guiding them back to reconnect and reclaim the Womb Wisdom of Fertility Awareness, Empowered Pregnancy & Birth, Conscious Menstruation and Menopause Metamorphosis, while re-establishing the connection between Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon, the Sacred Feminine and the Woman Self.

She currently leads monthly Women’s Circles, teaches Initiate, Priestess and The Chrysalis Woman programs. She creates organic, handcrafted Herbals for all of Women’s Sacred Cycles on her farm and is the creatrix and publisher of CYCLES (an E-zine honoring the Sacred Cycles of Goddess, Earth, Moon & Woman Self).


High Priestess, Herbalist, WomanCraft Practitioner


Chrysalis Woman

Farm ~ Goddess Sanctuary ~ School of WomanCraft

(209) 772-0511


Chrysalis Woman Blog

Chrysalis Woman Website

Chrysalis Woman’s Facebook Page

Chrysalis Woman’s Yahoo Newsletter Egroup

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