co-op meeting

There is a Motherlode Harvest co-op meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) at the Ag. building (B) on Airport Rd. in Sutter Hill, with a potluck at 6:15, and the meeting at 7:00 pm. I’m sorry for the short notice, but I just got the proposed agenda, shown below.
Thanks for your interest in our program!
Michelle Grondin
Customer coordinator

1. report from James on the co-op that has both producer members and consumer members (10 min)
2. report on grant from Sean
3. projection of likely spring crops for remainder of spring quarter, based on reports from growers, from me
4. computer compatibility–what do we all have
5. progress getting more growers
6. financial feasibility report on getting a place of our own from Deborah
7. policy on changing prices
8. calendar–staffing boxing and distributions and work parties
9. website update?
This agenda should not take more than an hour and a quarter; so if we start promptly a little after 7 pm, we should be finished by 8:30. I’ll ask for a timekeeper and keep us on track. Carolyn can’t be there so someone will need to take notes at least on decisions made.

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