5/13 Sweet Recover from Carb Addiction Workshop

Motherlode Holistic Connection presents:

Sweet Recovery from Carb Addiction

May 13th ~ 6pm

Addicted to carbs?

Suffering from diabetes?

Have a family history of diabetes?

Join RN Suzel Deer and learn how you can enjoy Sweet Recovery from Carb Addiction.

Did you know carb addiction is related to:

diabetes cardiovascular disease’s high blood pressure elevated lipid profiles ( high cholesterol and triglycerides) autoimmune diseases gut dysfunction all kind of inflammatory diseases weight management fibromyalgia/ chronic fatigue ADD/ADHD seizures depression
Symptoms of high carbohydrate ingestion:

sluggishness fatigue hormone imbalances mood fluctuation anger/irritability/depression brain fog/poor concentration indigestion/bloating

$10 includes

FREE Nutrition Assessment and a discount for the next Full Body Detox class series

RSVP to Suzel: EMAIL or call 209.754.3010

Brandy Astwood, CHT, HBCE, CD, CIMT
Director of Motherlode Holistic Connection ~ A Community Wellness Center
Clinical Hypnotherapist / Birth Options Advocate / Holistic Childbirth Educator
Birth & Postpartum Doula / Certified Infant Massage Teacher/ Mommy Mentor




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