Chrysalis Woman – April Circle RSVP Deadline

Greetings and Bright Blessings!

Just a friendly reminder that the deadline to RSVP for the Chrysalis Woman April Goddess Circle scheduled for Saturday, April 24th (where we’ll be honoring the Goddess Shri Lakshmi and our own personal Abundance) is today, Monday April 19th~ It’s not too late to RSVP if you still plan on attending. Simply send me an email letting me know you plan on being there and I’ll supply you with the location, directions and ways to begin preparing.

Come Sisters and join us in ritual that will help you to first acknowledge the abundance that currently exists in your life… for when you focus on the abundance already present, you inevitably create more! Also, help us to spread this abundance to others by taking part in a money pouring ritual, where our donated coins will receive blessings from Sisters and Lakshmi and then be lovingly donated to a local women’s shelter.

In Blessed Abundance,


p.s. If I have already received your RSVP, please disregard this notice 😉


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