Healthy Changes Weight Loss

Healthy Changes Wellness Challenge.
A different kind of weight loss program.

Starts May 14th

Motherlode Holistic Connection
A Community Wellness Center
8 Court St. Jackson,Ca

No pills

No shakes

No special foods

Open to those who are 100lbs or more overweight.

During the 12 week program you will:

Release those habits and behaviors that keep you stuck and unhealthy

Make small, systematic lifestyle changes that results in slow,steady weight loss and renewed wellness

Uncover the emotional reasons your overweight

Learn to enjoy exercise

Learn to savor your food so you can fully enjoy your favorites without over doing it

Learn how to enjoy healthy, whole foods

Build confidence

Release past trauma

Transform negative self talk that sabotages your efforts to get healthy and strong

Learn to feel comfortable with your body and stop hiding behind the weight

Discover the beautiful goddess within to enjoy and live life to the fullest

Take control of chronic diseases related to food and lack of exercise

WIN $$$

Weekly meetings AM or PM to work with your schedule
Fridays 10:30am (starts May 14th)
Mondays 6:30pm (starts May 17th)

Plus FREE fun morning workout classes at
Motherlode Holistic Connection,Jackson

Cost: $335

Program Fee: $225
Jackpot Contribution: $50
Saving Account: $60
(for every meeting you attend you receive $5 back. Miss a meeting and $5 is added to the Jackpot)

Space limited!
To reserve your spot a $75 non refundable deposit is required
(Includes your $50 Jackpot contribution)

Monthly payment arrangements available.
$86 month

This 12 week workshop is facilitated by Clinical Hypnotherapist, Brandy Astwood who used the Healthy Changes program 6 years ago to release 100lbs.

The program utilizes hypnosis, meditation, journaling, group support,physical movement and weekly goals to help each group member make positive changes.

Commitment to the process is necessary. This is NOT a quick fix program

To Register: 209-304-8495

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