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Chrysalis Woman

March Goddess Studies Distance Program ~ Goddess Shakti

Greetings All ~

The deadline is fast approaching to participate in the March Goddess Studies ~ honoring the Goddess Shakti, Kundalini energy and the chakra system.

Registration deadline is this Friday, March 12th ~ with the packet being mailed on the New Moon, Monday March 15th ~

The Goddess Studies distance program is a monthly journey different Goddesses. Studies are sent each month on the New Moon and provide guidance toward researching and learning about the Goddess of the month, Her herstory, culture and correspondences. You will build an altar to Her, meet Her in guided meditation, create art projects in Her honor and create a final collage representing all of what you’ve learned.

These studies can be taken once a month, signing on as your interest dictates, or as a full season program. An online group is available where students upload pictures of their altars, share research and links with each other and discuss how this Goddess is reflected within them and any inspiration they have received from Her.

For women who attend the CW Goddess Circles, these monthly studies correspond to the Goddess of Circle and help to create a depth to their monthly Circle experience.

The program is for women only and open to all ages. (if you are under eighteen, you will need permission from a parent or guardian).

This is a great program that expands one’s knowledge of the Sacred Feminine and creates a monthly devotional practice. Some women are using this as an introduction to the Sacred Feminine with their children… it would be a lovely sharing between mother and daughter.

The cost for this program is $10/month

Remaining Goddess for 2010 Program:

March ~ Shakti

April ~ Lakshmi

May ~ Freya

June ~ Isis

July ~ Yemaya

August ~ Pachamamma

September ~ Coatlique

October ~ Lilith

If you are interested and would like more information, simply contact AYLA at chrysaliswoman@yahoo or (209) 772-0511.




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