Wellness Recovery Action Plan

Wellness Workshop



Wellness Recovery Action Plan

8 weekly sessions to learn what pushes your buttons

and how to handle it effectively

April 7th – May 26th

12:30 – 3:00

at The Motherlode Holistic Connection,

Downtown Jackson

Many topics covered including:

· Adding to your Wellness Toolbox

· Recognizing “Red Flags”

· Reducing stress and anxiety

· Communicating with health

care providers

· Writing a Crisis Plan

· Managing addictions

· Pain management

Normally costs $200 for 20 hours of class time but due to the current economy, this workshop is being offered at what you can afford to pay. Notebook and all materials are provided for future reference.

Call Janet Laird, CWRE to register at 772-8762


Become empowered to travel the road to wellness.

Workshop April 7th 2010.doc

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