Divine Dairy Workshop

Chrysalis Woman’s


Class One:



Topic: DIVINE DAIRY ~ One Space Left!!!!

Class taught by Ayla Miner of Chrysalis Woman (Paloma, CA)

Friday, March 12th ~ 5-9pm ~ Whole foods dinner provided!


Registration form and listing of additional Seasonal Wellness Classes Attached

Come learn about the Herstory of the cow and her milk. How she went from a sacred animal to an animal disgraced. Her milk, once a nourishing food, now a lifeless commodity.

We’ll discuss the process of pasteurization and homogenization, the plight of confined dairy cows, and the consequences of our current practices. We discover the

return to real milk from pastured cows, milk in the raw and its health benefits for our bodies and our environment.

You’ll learn about beneficial bacteria and the health benefits of dairy fermentations. You learn how to make kefir, crème fraiche, yogurt, cream cheese and whey.

You’ll also take home starters to make your own yogurt and kefir.

Class Registration Deadline: Wednesday, March 10th

Call (209) 772-0511


Email chrysaliswoman@yahoo.com




High Priestess, Herbalist, WomanCraft Practitioner


Chrysalis Woman

Farm ~ Goddess Sanctuary ~ School of WomanCraft

(209) 772-0511


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