Helpful and Practical Weekly Weight-Loss Program . . . One For Dogs too!

Pine Grove,Ca

A few of us humans just started a 9-week Healthy and Down-to-Earth Weight-Loss class. We will be learning about how certain foods and habits, actually fuel our hunger and weight-gain and lead to our yo-yo dieting and ultimate regaining of any weight-loss.

Wouldn’t you like a place to come for an hour every week, where we combine sound diet advice and group support in a non-judgmental atmosphere with even a short walk and indoors exercise time? We will be incorporating tenets of Jorge Cruise’s 8 minutes in the Morning, the Cruise-Down plate, with the South Beach Program into a positive step-by-step weight-loss plan with doable lifestyle changes. (I am doing great already on this program – step-by-step moving towards my own weight-loss and fitness goals!!)

From Dr. Mercola’s newsletter: “Any meal or snack high in unhealthy carbohydrates like sugar andrefined grains generates a rapid rise in blood glucose and then insulin to compensate for the rise in blood sugar. The insulin released from eating too many carbohydrates promotes fat and makes it more difficult for your body to lose fat, and excess weight, particularly around your belly, is one of the major contributors to heart disease.” Let’s not just lose weight – but get more fit and build a healthier heart! Dr. Agatston’s South Beach Diet work makes so much sense!! (You may want to check with your doctor before starting any new weight-loss/fitness program!)

In order to make it more feasible, I am lowering the price on this series – Wednesdays at 1pm in Pine Grove – we have 8 weeks left and the cost is reduced to only $99.

Call 209-304-5139 or visit for more info!! For those of you who know me from my dog training business, I am in the process of building my new business, Camp Shape Up and will be adding Certified Personal Fitness Trainer to my resume this Spring! Watch for a new dog training class coming soon called Good Dog, Tired Dog – incorporating exercise, treadmill andmental challenges for your dog in a 4-week training program!

Cherie River Maitland
Camp Shape Up
. . . For Health and Happiness

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