Numerology 101 Workshop

Chrysalis Woman

Numerology 101 Workshop

Motherlode Holistic Connection

Numerology 101 Workshop

Saturday, March 6, 2010 (1-3:30pm)

Motherlode Holistic Connection

$25 covers workshop, numerology handouts and simple worksheets to use for family and friends

Registration Deadline: February 26th

Call Ayla at (209) 772-0511 ~ Class size limited

Numerology is the esoteric science of numbers.  It is the study of the connection between numbers and letters  and their corresponding vibrational energy.  Using a person’s birth date and name at birth, one can delve deeply into self discovery.

Are you interested in learning more about your Self, what makes you tick and what your deepest desires are?  How about what type of work you’d be good at or what you’re here to learn, be and do?  Would you like to learn all of these things and more about your closest partnerships, friendships and children?  How about finding out the meaning behind the family name you were born into or your  married name if you’ve changed it?

If so, join me for an afternoon of delving deeper into self through an easy practice that can change your life… you’ll never look at numbers the same way again!

In this Workshop you’ll learn your Core numbers and be able to figure out Core numbers for everyone you know ~

The Life Path ~ what you are here to learn ~ your major lesson in life

The Expression ~ how you will “be” in the world ~ your natural abilities and how you’ll express them

The Soul Urge ~ your inner motivation: what you want to be, have and do

The Birthday ~ a sub lesson of the life path

Family/Married Names ~ gives information on the family energy you were born/married into

Personal Year ~ the energy you can expect to experience in 2010

Workshop taught by AYLA of Chrysalis Woman

Ayla has been practicing numerology for over 10 years and has fully incorporated this science into her life, the life of family and those who participate in her programs through Chrysalis Woman.  It is a great tool for self discovery and understanding relationships.

“Numerology has been a wonderful tool to understand, not only my Self, but the energies of my family, friends and students.  It provides information that acts as a guide to navigating relationship challenges, enhances my mothering and has provided intimate knowledge of who I am and what I’m here to do” AYLA

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