Women of Vision Meeting Summery

Women of Vision Empowerment Network
February Meeting Summery

So she set out one day on her journey

She didn’t look back and she didn’t rush

She just kept taking one step at a time

And opening her heart to the possibilities

~Shiloh McCloud

WOVEN Gathering “Personal Vision”

Date/Location:               Friday Feb. 5th, 2010 at MHC

Meeting began:              1:05pm

Meeting closed:              3:00pm


Ayla Miner

Brandy Astwood

Megan Johnson

Laurie Vela

Elli (need last name and email)

Suzel Deer

Rose Navarro (need email)

Dorreen (need last name and email)

Kieron Chambers

Sonya Casto

Lesley Vasquez

Heike Sharp

Arleen Kingston

Gathering Overview:

The focus was on Personal Vision of Business.

  • A 10 min guided meditation was done to see the future vision of our work and how we live our lives because of it As well as the obstacles we place in our ways that prevent us from living our dreams.
  • Following the meditation each person was asked to write down in their journal any ideas, insights or feeling that came up during the meditation.
  • Page 53 of Heart of a Visionary was handed out consisting of 18 questions to help clarify The Big Dream. I asked each person to quickly answer the questions (to avoid over thinking and editing of thoughts) then to  take it home for more in-depth review and answers.

The discussion that developed after cover many topics as it flowed between the women.

  • How to be our selves
  • The power of fear
  • True courage
  • How to be ourselves while working with those from the old business paradigm
  • The important of being who we are; to fly our freak flag in the manner that fits of us as individuals.
  • To notice when one our WOVEN sisters is using limiting language about herself, her business, her community.
  • The importance of picking a niche (Niche to be Rich!)
  • The importance of having altar to remind us about our goals, our visions, our dreams. 2 coloring page were handed out to assist in creating reminders to post in our homes, office or car
  • Fear seemed to be a big discussion point which lead us to the topic for next month

I’m sure there was more but it all flowed so well, our discussion weaving together a beutiful tapesty of support and encouragement. Please feel free to add your thoughts and observations!

My personal observations/things to be done:

  • Sign in sheet
  • Create a basket for love offerings
  • Add signs to doors in hallways (its my place and I still open at least 2 wrong doors before I find the right one! lol)
  • Create a Facebook page for WOVEN
  • Create an information page on MotherlodeHolistic.com or create a blog? Opinions? Thoughts?
  • Create a MHC wish list.

Interested in attending?

Please contact:

Ayla Miner at 209-772-0511

Brandy at 209-304-8495

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