Team Fitness,Pine Grove

TEAM FITNESS is a great new way to regularly exercise with a small group of like-minded people. For fun and variety – try out fitness balls, elliptical, treadmill, aerobics, hand weights, stretching and more! We meet at Camp Shape Up in Pine Grove, which borrows Our Furry Friends Training Center’s space.

Sign up for a convenient time for your schedule and join others who want to have fun getting fit. You may want to do a couple of activities as a group, or break up into twos or threes, or even round robin between all of the available equipment and activities!  Think of it as your own private 1500 square foot exercise room close to home!

With a small group of up to 6, others will miss you if you are not there and will encourage you to come every week – unlike in a huge class or fitness club. Feel a welcome part of a group that not only supports you but holds you accountable for following through on your goals.

Cost is $22/month for an hour once a week or $40/month for twice a week. Contact us now, to find a convenient time to try out your first TEAM FITNESS GROUP for FREE!! Groups are forming early March!!

Team Leader Cherie Maitland

Times are available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays – morning, afternoon and evenings. Call209-304-5139 to reserve your free initial group to check it out! This may be what you’ve been looking for to help keep you motivated!

Cherie River Maitland
Camp Shape Up
. . . For Health and Happiness

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