Infant Massage 1/9

Connect ~ Communicate ~ Educate

This class is for caregivers and babies 3 weeks and older.

If you are pregnant or wanting to learn infant massage with out an child present please bring a baby doll to practice on.

Massage is great addition to your toolbox of techniques to sooth and bond with your baby. Massage assists with sleep, colic, communication and relaxation. Learn the techniques, routine and benefits of massaging your baby.

Infant Massage is taught in one 3hr relaxed, hands-on, session with Brandy Astwood, Certified Infant Massage Teacher, Childbirth Educator, Doula and Mother of 6.

Infant massage is a gift each parent will be able to share with their child throughout a lifetime.

Caregivers: Please bring a blanket for baby, a few toys for baby if needed and a pillow for yourself to sit on.

Organic, massage oil will be provided.

Cost:$35 per family. More then 2 caregivers will have an additional cost of $10 per person

Questions? 209-304-8495

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