Chysalis Woman ~ Initiate Program Open for Registration ~ Calaveras County, CA

Chrysalis Woman

Initiate Program Open for Registration ~ Located in Calaveras County, CA

“Do you have a desire to reconnect with women and become a part of a growing sisterhood?  Do you yearn for more connection with the Earth and lunar rhythms?  Are you ready to see reflected within you the divine and blessed sacred feminine force that is so important in the healing of our current culture?  Is there a longing in you that goes unheard?  A voice that’s long been ignored?  Are you interested in astrology, numerology, power animals, nature, herbs, circles, stones, the moon, the earth…?  Come Sister,  enter the labyrinth and become an Initiate of Chrysalis Woman… remember your woman’s wisdom; your sacred and divine purpose; connect with other sisters and tap into the magick that lives within you…”     

How might your life have been different
if there had been a place for you,
a place for you to go to be with your mother,
with your sisters, and the aunts, with your grandmothers,
and great grandmothers,
a place of women, to go, to be,
to return to as women?

Attached you’ll find the Introductory Packet for those that are interested in learning more about what is offered, how the program is structured, fees and dates/times.  This is the fourth year this program has been available to women in our community ~ read what graduates are saying about it:  http://www.motherlodeholistic. com/cw-circlesprograms.html

Unable to participate this year but want to stay updated on what’s available through Chrysalis Woman?  Join  our newsletter yahoo group and become a fan on facebook!

Questions?  Call me at (209) 772-0511


There are three spaces available for the 2010 Women’s Initiate Program ~ there’s still time to register for this wonderful 9 month introductory course in Goddess Circles and Women’s Mysteries.  Registration deadline is January 30th ~ please feel free to forward to any woman who may be interested.

In Beauty,


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