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Alyshia Davies brings new twist to health, wellness


Friday, November 27, 2009


By Lisa Lucke


Local fitness  instructor Alyshia Davies is bringing a “whole” new approach to both weight loss and management with her new career as a whole health renovation specialist.

The term, which she coined, points to the mind-body connection with regard to weight loss. Coupled with Davies’ emphasis on long-term weight management, the new business targets people who are more than 30 pounds overweight and who have been unsuccessful at losing weight and keeping it off.

Davies, who has completed the American College of Sports Medicine personal trainer program, is currently working toward certification by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Her business, which is mobile, in that she will meet a client at their home, includes analysis of a person’s diet, exercise and eating patterns. Those eating patterns generally fall into the “non-hunger” eating that so many people succumb to – when they are anxious or bored, for example. Proper nutrition, which Davies has studied extensively and put into practice during her own weight-loss experience, plays a major role in successful weight loss, in her opinion, and is one of the first things she discusses with a prospective client.

“I’ve done extensive research into diet and nutrition aimed at weight loss and I also have personal experience with it. It is absolutely crucial to any successful weight loss program that a good diet plan is followed, but people who have a large, long-term weight issue need to take extra care to eat healthy foods that are tasty and satisfying,” Davies said.

Davies added that, for her, “The key component in the failure of many diets is that the brain cannot be fooled into thinking that diet food is satisfying, or that a carrot stick tastes as good as a French fry. It makes you want whatever you can’t have so badly that you feel as if you can’t resist. So, it is imperative that you focus on good food, good health and good taste, achieved with fewer calories.”

To this end, Davies focuses on changing both mind and attitude when it comes to healthy eating and living. Spending time analyzing the emotional reasons for eating goes a long way toward changing a person’s eating habits and consequently, their weight.

“Low self-esteem is a big contributor to weight gain, which in turn contributes to further lowered self-esteem,” said Davies, explaining the downward spiral of weight gain and how emotions tie into it. To combat this dynamic, Davies works closely with clients on the concepts of self-care and healthy attitudes during the weight-loss process.

Davies’ approach varies from person to person, but may include cardio-vascular work, strength training, balance/stretching exercises and just plain walking.

“Walking, especially for someone who is carrying a large amount of extra weight, is a great cardio exercise … I started my own weight loss by using the trampoline. Some people love to dance or use an aerobics routine. Strength training can be done using a variety of ways, too, through yoga, Pilates or free weights,” said Davies of the options she offers to clients in order to customize a weight-loss program that works for each individual.

Davies is currently offering an introductory package that includes six 50-minute sessions for $200 as a holiday gift package. All sessions include a physical training aspect, fitness and exercise, as well as a nutrition component. Additionally, Davies is looking for individuals who are substantially overweight to begin a group-format weight-loss challenge.

For more information, contact Davies at 740-7898. Or, to read her personal weight-loss-inspired blog, go to

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