Chrysalis Woman Offerings for Women in 2010

From Ayla Miner……

Chrysalis Woman 

Offerings for Women in 2010 ~ Located in Calaveras County, CA

 Greetings and Brightest Blessings Sisters!

 A lot has happened these past 2 years and many of you have been wondering if Chrysalis Woman would be staying in the foothills area and bringing back in 2010 the services that women in our community had come to enjoy.  For those who’ve patiently waited ~ the answer is YES!  I thank each of you who have given immeasurable support and love these last few months… your continued support of what I offer never ceases to amaze me and I am forever grateful for it 😉  

 Here is the Chrysalis Woman Information Packet (just click) providing detailed information about all of our Circles, Programs, Consultations, Workshops and CYCLES E-Zine for 2010.  If you are interested in learning more about any of these services, programs or classes you can call me (209) 772-0511 or email chrysaliswoman@

 Want to make sure you stay updated on what’s happening with Chrysalis Woman?  Join  our newsletter yahoo group and become a fan on facebook!

 Our website is being revised, so until its unveiling in 2010 you can continue to connect via the older but still valid site: http://www.. motherlodeholist woman.html

 As always… enjoy this season of rest and repose ~ I look forward to reconnecting in the new year with each of you and sharing in another turn of our Mother’s Great Wheel *)O(*   

 In Beauty,


High Priestess, Herbalist, WomanCraft Practitioner

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Chrysalis Woman
Farm ~ Goddess Sanctuary ~ School of WomanCraft
(209) 772-0511
Chrysalis Woman’s Facebook Page

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