Mind-Body-Spirit Fair 10/31 – 11/1

I’m sure you have seen the signs and the ads for the Mind-Body-Spirit Fair taking place this weekend in Ione,  but just in case here is the info you need to know….

From www.MbsFair.com

Amador Mind~Body~Spirit Fair

WHEN:  October 31st and November 1st 2009  
10:00 AM to 6:00 PM both days

 WHERE: The Evalynn Bishop Hall – Ione, CA  

WHAT: A great variety of healers, health/body-work specialists and vendors offering health products, jewelry, books, crystals, gifts and much more.  PLUS the best readers, psychics and presenters in this area and beyond offering new ideas, insights and guidance.

Several Motherlode Holistic Network Members will be taking part in this amazing event. I was planning on having a booth but schedule conflict interfered, otherwise I would be joyfully partaking!

Make sure you download a coupon for for $2 off the $7 admission price http://mbsfair.com/coupon.htm

Here is the line up of Speakers:


 Saturday Oct 31, 2009

10:30 – 11:00… SPECIAL MUSIC EVENT!
Laurie Story Vela brings you New Thought Families online as well as lots of New Thought music in concerts and 4 CDs (+ 2 more on the way!) full of fun, upbeat, positive music. Joined by her 9 year old son Jeremiah, and her audiences, Laurie is singing affirmations of love, life, light, and goodness empowering the joy of Spirit Rising in each of us and all of us.

11:15 – 12:00… The Spiritual Journey from Transcultural and Transpersonal Perspectives
Rev. Patsy Walker Fine explains the spiritual journey – a uniquely human experience.  This talk will shed light on the ecology of the spiritual journey as it appears across cultures, developmentally, and within the evolution of the human body-mind-soul complex.  How does this eco-spiritual journey get transformed into religious dogma?  What are the common steps of the psycho-spiritual journey?  What is the role of the body in the spiritual journey to wholeness?  These questions and more will be answered.  Participants will experience a metaphysical Inner Body meditation.

12:15 – 1:00… Nervous System and Spinal Health
Dr. Christopher Sienes of Amador Chiropractic Wellness Center in Jackson will be presenting on health and wellness.  He’ll explain some of the technologies they use at their center to evaluate your nervous system function and assess the health of your spine.  He’ll also define health and wellness as well as share some of the many causes of stress to our spine and nervous system that diminish your body’s ability to adapt.

1:15 – 2:00… Consciousness Evolution parallels with Hemi-Sync TM
Duncan MacVean – Be Your Own Psychic:  Explore altered states of consciousness, develop intuition, and connect with the non-physical energy systems. Robert Monroe, author of “Journeys Out of the Body,” developed a technology called Hemi-Sync® that has been used by professional psychics and even the U.S. Government’s remote viewing program.  Learn how listening to Hemi-Sync® intentional meditations can help you find your own answers.

2:15-3:00… SPECIAL EVENT!  Paranormal Investigators Speak!  
Mystic Valley Paranormal (MVP), in Ione today to film their investigation of a haunting at the Ione Hotel and will offer a rare opportunity, sharing their investigative techniques and demonstrating the tools of their trade. The lecture will also include the personal experiences of MVP owner Jesus “Bear” Martinez and how they led him into the fascinating field of paranormal investigation.

 Polite observers are welcome to the Ione Hotel this evening during the haunting investigation by MVP and the séance requested by the hotel owner and conducted by Kelly Smith (Reader list).  Please see either Kelly or someone from MVP for information.

3:15 – 4:00… Bearing Bipolar — An Informative Talk About Symptoms and Appropriate Support
Alysse Adularia explains that at least 3% of the population in our country is diagnosed bipolar in a given year and the number is rising.  What do we look for if we think someone is bipolar and how does it feel to have symptoms? How do we live with and support a family member or friend with this difficult condition? Where can we go for help?  Alysse will answer these questions and some of your own while she describes how what you say can make a big difference in everyone’s lives.

 Alysse Adularia, the local author of a new book for family and friends living with the bipolar condition, has been living with her own symptoms since childhood. After studying the condition to gain better control of her life, Alysse has begun sharing her experience to help others avoid the pain of destructive behaviors while helping them find balance in a world of misconceptions and stigmas.

4:15 – 5:00… 2012 – Not To Burst Your Bubble . . .
A Medium Clairaudient’s perspective on what we may see coming our way in 2012. 

 Time allowing, Kelly will also guide us through:  Experiencing the Multiverse.  A Medium Clairaudient’s experiences interacting with multiple dimensions.

 Kelly Smith is a Medium Clairaudient with the ability to speak with spirits, aliens, and assorted others. 

  Sunday Nov 1, 2009

10:15 – 11:00… Discover Wellness Series – Strategies for Greater Health & Less Stress
Dr. Denise Mathre of Amador Chiropractic Wellness Center in Jackson will be presenting a talk from their Discover Wellness series about the financial stress that a single illness can place on a family and the costs to our nation’s health and finances overall.  She will give you simple strategies for greater health and wellness that you can begin to utilize right away. 

11:15 – 12:00… Conversations with Ole – Karla Kogan
Have you ever had the Universe hook you up with a gift you didn’t expect?  What would you do if a dead guy tapped you on the shoulder and said, “Let’s write a book”?  What if he dictated, letter by letter, word for word, a loving abundance of knowledge and easy to comprehend answers to simple, and often skeptical, questions?  Wouldn’t it be amazing if instead of a mystical, all-knowing and unapproachable spirit, he sounded like a regular Joe?  What if he turned out to be your Great-Grandfather?  Sound a little far-fetched?  Karla thought so, too.

 Karla Kogan, a Certified Palmist who has been reading hands for over 10 years in the Monterey Bay Area, will speak about her surprising introduction to the pendulum.  How did a “normal” mom and administrative legal assistant start talking to dead people?  Join her to discuss pendulum history and uses, protocol and protection and the amazing (and fun) relationship she has with her guide, Great Grandpa Ole. 

12:15 – 1:00… Channeling “The France Council” – Sarah Yeager
The France Council is a group of female energies that sisters Sarah and Sharon Yeager have been channeling for about 15 years.  Over the past 18 months, The France Council has been asking Sarah and Sharon to share the council’s information with the “whole” as they have many tools and much advice to help us transition through this next quantum shift.  Sarah will share whatever the council has to say to the audience of this lecture and will also share information about coming retreats where groups gather to learn from the council.

1:15 – 2:00… Wheels of Clearing – An Introduction – Lynn Weatherford Bedri
Becoming sovereign Beings is one of the most important challenges we have before us in becoming healthy, abundant and happy connected Beings.  Clearing ourselves of old thoughts, unwanted emotions and false beliefs are critical steps to becoming empowered and free. Join us as we learn how to clear out the old habits that may have kept you stuck and embrace a new you through powerful generational Wheels of Change™ work.

 Lynn Weatherford Bedri is a practicing Hypnotherapist since 1989.  In her early practice she studied the theories of Psychoneuroimmunology, Past Life Regression and Soul Retrieval work and kept finding that each time a person (regardless of technique) could release/accept/come to terms with a limiting belief, a memory/emotion their lives would become healthier and their ability to focus on using their gifts and talents could flow.  Lynn ’s desire is to help as many as she can to deepen their connection to

Source and become the true sovereign Beings we are meant to be.

2:15-3:00… Let the Radiant You Shine Through!   Hannesdottir Icelandic Skin Treatments
Join Janis Kristjanson as she tells her life changing story about channeling a list of ingredients that became the greenest, most effective, natural skin treatment imaginable.  Hear her amazing experience with Divine Providence as well as the hilarious, not so divine experiences she had when neglecting to follow her inner, intuitive voice.  Experience the Icelandic Kelp Vision Formula that transforms skin of all ages, colors and textures back to youthful luminescence. Join Janis and get back that glowing skin that’s yours by Divine Right. You deserve it!

3:15 – 4:00… Consciousness Evolution parallels with Hemi-Sync TM
Brian Koski explains Consciousness Expansion themes in Hollywood Films: A comparison of movies and concepts of Consciousness Evolution and their parallels with Hemi-Sync ™.”

4:15 – 5:00… 2012 – Reducing Stress Creatively — How to Put More Energy in Your Life
Art as therapy is a well known concept and most people understand that it can relieve stress. Creativity is separate from art and being creative is where the benefit lies. Learn that you’re creative even when you think you’re not, and how to use creativity in your everyday life as a meditation to reduce stress — even when you’re shopping!

 Alysse Adularia owned and operated a bead store for 12 years during which time she observed how beadwork helped people find mental peace and overcome obstacles in their lives. It was from this experience that she developed her insight and practical techniques for people to use in their everyday lives.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact:
April Hughes, 209.304.4362 or 209.295.3954 or email: april@mbsfair.com

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