Guest blogger:Alyshia Davies

I used to be doomed….

 Just a few years ago I thought I would live the rest of my life more than 100 pounds overweight.  I thought my choice was to stay the way I was or put forth titanic efforts to become thin, only to find myself sinking like the Titanic back into an ocean of chocolate ice cream and the pounds that come with it.

I thought I was hopeless.  Defeated.  Doomed.  And then one day I was talking to my beloved grandmother about what an amazing person I thought she was.  She had really beat the odds in so many ways.  I wanted to know how she had done it.

“I chose to.”  That was what she said.  She had simply decided who and what she wanted to be and she had become that.  It was that simple. 

And that was when my quest Not to Be Doomed began.  I was determined to find a way to lose the 100+ pounds and keep them from coming back.  I googled.  I web surfed.  I spent so much time and money on I think they named a section of their warehouse after me.

Now, with years of research, practice and experience, not to mention 130 pounds behind me, I find myself unquenchably driven to help others find their own way out of the endless diet, gain, diet gain cycle.  Now I am proud to announce that as of Monday, November 2, my passion for helping others achieve what I have achieved will transform from a part time hobby to a full time profession.  I am delighted to offer a program which will:

  • Help people understand and work with the anatomical, chemical and psychological reasons why dieting leads to weight gain rather than loss
  • Explore what causes non-hunger eating and how it really can be overcome, permanently
  • Help people discover why exercise is so much harder than it has to be and how to make it fun rather than work
  • Bring about real, proven results and powerful, permanent change in mind and body

I am also starting a blog, updated at least twice a week that will include tips on permanent mind and body change, shared stories and experiences, humor and inspirational anecdotes.  It can be found at  Please contact me at for more information.

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