FREE Prenatal Fitness Program

The next 6 week Prenatal Fitness Program  funded by Amador First 5 begins next Saturday, Sept. 5th at Motherlode Holistic Connection ~ A Community Wellness Center located at #8 Court St. Jackson. Class starts at 11am.
New class begin every six weeks until the new year. If you are unable to attend the current program new classes will begin 10/17 and 11/28
Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.
Pre-Registration is required.Register at or call Brandy Astwood at 304-8495
During each hour long class you will gently stretch and relax your way to a better birth. Studies show that mom who exercise regularly have shorter labors and more stamina for birth. Class is taught by Brandy Astwood, a independent childbirth educator and doula.
If childcare is needed for older children, please contact Brandy ASAP and care can be arranged on site
Parking is limited on this part of Court off of Main St. However there is an abundance of parking near the old court house and on Main St. The walk up Court St the Centers door is mild and a great way to warm up for the class!
The program is co-sponsored by the Mothers Club of Amador County. For information on joining the club please visit
For more information on Amador 1st Five please visit
For more pregnancy and birth resources in Amador and Calaveras visit www.MyBirthConnection
For more information on Motherlode Holistic Connection visit
 Brandy Astwood, CHT, HBCE, CD, CIMT
Director of Motherlode Holistic Connection ~ A Community Wellness Center
Clinical Hypnotherapist / Birth Options Advocate / Holistic Childbirth Educator
Birth & Postpartum Doula / Certified Infant Massage Teacher/ Mommy Mentor

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