Massage Therapists Needed

Hi All,
Calling all massage therapists!!
It’s that time again for the Camp out Cancer fundraiser here in Amador County. The date this year is Saturday, September 12. The place is Argonaut High School track.
This is the biggest fundraiser in Amador County, and all the monies raised go to helping those in need who are dealing with cancer here in Amador.
I have been organizing the massage tent since the first year,(2001), and it is always one of the most popular tents, and we always raise a lot of $$$ for STARS (the name of the organization) .
It is a good way to network, you’re welcome to bring your cards/brochures to hand out to folks, and all the $ raised in the tent goes to the fundraiser. Many participants say it is their favorite way to donate.
If you can spare some time that day to help out, it would be so greatly appreciated. I always find it fun to get together with other therapists, I look forward to some new hands this year, as well as those who have so kindly volunteered in the past.
Carolini DuCray
209 223-3803

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