Mind,Body & Spirit Fair-Vendors Needed

Greetings!  I am producing a Mind~Body~Spirit fair in Ione on Oct 31st and Nov 1st this year.  I am offering free lectures each hour and am contacting local individuals encouraging them to give a lecture on subjects of their choosing.  I have a team who will review each application, but this is a broad-topic fair!  The Amador Mind~Body~Spirit Fair will offer a great combination of interesting, educational, and inspirational services, products, and topics to enrich the Mind, nourish the Body, and promote the Spirit.  Okay, enough triples. {grin}  You get the picture, I’m sure.

 You pay nothing and, in fact, receive free admission to the fair in return for your help in creating community!  If you’re interested/available, please visit our website at www.mbsfair.com.  Should you decide to lecture, please complete that portion of the participant application and submit it as early as possible – I expect the spots to fill up quickly!  Also, if you have either any time/day limitations or preferences, please note that on the application and I’ll do my best to accommodate you.

 Thanks for taking the time to read this and feel free to pass this invitation on to ‘your people’ for the greatest good.  If you are not interested and/or cannot participate in the fair, I’d sure appreciate your positive thoughts for us.  This is a “big city” production that’s sorely needed in our counties (my plan is to offer one of these in Calaveras each year too!)

 I wish you and yours bright blessings.


April Hughes

MBS Productions

P.O. Box  1055

Sutter Creek, CA  95685

209.295.3954 (hm)

209.304.4362 (cell)


2 responses to “Mind,Body & Spirit Fair-Vendors Needed”

    • Janet this is fair being put on by April(can not remember her last name opps) The focus is more on the metaphysical then health. April is super nice and she will be pulling lots of people from Lodi, Stockton and Sacramento while Michelles is geared for locals.Contact April. I would love to see you do a talk about WRAP, educating people abot the benefits.

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