UpCountry Community Garden

Interested in a community garden in the Pioneer area?  Want to be part of the fun and satisfaction that comes with producing some of our own food?  On Saturday, July 11, 2009 from 9 a.m. to noon, the Amador Co.  University of California Cooperative Extension in collaboration with the Amador Co. Recreation Agency will be putting on a “Garden Start-Up” workshop at the Mollie Joyce House on Highway 88.  We will be constructing a small garden, from fencing to planting and everything in between.  All that is required from you is an interest in producing some of our own food in a way that will also make our community stronger.  If you have hand tools such as a shovel, pick-maddock, rake, etc.  Please bring them for your own use.  We are also looking for t-posts for the fencing so if you have any 8-foot posts you wouldn’t mind donating please bring those along as well.  For further information please contact Sean Kriletich at (209) 223-6837 or skriletich@ucdavis.edu.  We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, July 11 at the Mollie Joyce house in Pioneer for some gardening fun.
Mollie Joyce house is on Hwy 88 in Pioneer near Pioneer Lodge on the
left hand side coming from Jackson. Watch for the Mollie Joyce
Environmental sign by the house.

Thanks for printing the above information. 
Thanks for the work you all do in the most important aspect of our
democracy, the media,

Sean Kriletich

Sean Kriletich
UCCE Program Representative
(209) 223-6837 or (209) 402-7801

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