Family in Need

Recently a mom in my mothers group, Jackie Harrison  found out that her sweet 4 year old, Kylee has brain cancer.

Chemo and radation have begun.

But mom can not work while driving baby girl back and forth for treatment and taking care of big sister Bailey.

I am reaching out to all of you to donate. I am in the process of creating a website to help the family as well as other community members in the future

As soon as the bank trust is set up you can make a donation safely and sercurely on the site.

Until then keep and eye out for the collection jars at local businesses.

We are also planning a dinner, concert event for August. If anyone has connection to the Itialian Picnic grounds and can get it donated for the benefit that woud be great. Contact me with details

Jennifer Wilson, a local insurance agent with State Farm and a close friend of Jackies, along with Rick Coughlin Jackies co-worker at Volcano are heading up the fundraising activities. You can connect with them on my Facebook account

If you want to become more involved you can join For Kylee’s Sake yahoo group

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