Amador Co-op

FROM Butte Mountain Organic Farm
Carolyn Boyd and Kirk McDonald, 17336 Butte Mountain Road, Jackson, CA 95642
For those interested there will be another Amador Co-op Meeting, tomorrow, Wed June 24th

This message came from Sean

The meetingis set for 10 a.m. and I believe we need to discuss leadership within our group in order to move forward effectively.  If you have suggestions as to what else we need to discuss immediately please email me so I can put them on a agenda. 
To open up the leadership question, I cannot take this on.  That is to say I will support and do what I can but I am not willing to spearhead this project.  It would be great if one of you would step forward and lead the way towards a local food and fiber cooperative for our  community.


Hi all,  Unfortunately we have been bumped out of the Health and Human
Services Conference room as offices there have priority.  We will be
holding the Co-op meeting in conference room C in the Amador Co. Admin
Bldg at 810 court street in Jackson. 
Excuse the confusion,

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