Belly Dancers Flea Market 7/25

Lesley Cox (of Desert Oasis Dancers) and I are excited to announce the first Belly Dancer’s Flea Market to be held at the Kundalini studio in Jackson, Saturday, July 25 from 10-4.

We invite any and all who are interested to participate. We will have a central checkout to make things more convenient, and items will be organized by category (skirts, tops, fabric, instruments, etc). If you would like to sell some of your items, contact Tracy or I and then simply mark your items clearly with your initials and the price. We ask that all those participating help either with set-up, clean-up or a shift during the sale day if possible. 10% of sales will go to the Kundilini Dance Studio for the use of the space and advertising. So start making plans now. Go through your dance stuff, or even make some cool things to sell (dropping a hint to all who are creatively talented). If you know someone just starting out, this would be the sale to point them to so they can start building their dance wardrobe affordably.

I’m really looking forward to this and shopping till I drop!

Mark your calendars! Or, just come shop!!!! 

 See you then!

Tracy at

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