Bi~Weekly Wisdom Circle

Sophia’s Well of Wisdom is dedicated to creating sacred spaces for those who are seeking wholeness and harmony of body, heart, mind and spirit. One of the opportunities is a twice month Wisdom Circle. Currently we are exploring the wisdom teachings of the contemporary spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle. Tolle became well known through his books, The Power of Now and A New Earth.  In addition to his books, we are looking at some of his teaching DVDs.  Although Tolle is a quiet and gentle personality, his message is powerful and is helping thousands of spiritual seekers to align their minds with the expanding consciousness that is occurring at this time. 

A New Day is Dawning is the subject of a workshop Sophia’s Well of Wisdom is sponsoring in July. We are excited about the coming workshop with Dr. Carol Parrish who will present a morning talk on  Radical Spirituality and an afternoon talk on This is a New Day: Introducing the Divine Feminine.  
Radical Spirituality invokes a new way of being. Unknown but lurking in our hearts is a way of life not yet found but longing to emerge. Heart-centered ways seek human hands to fulfill their goals. The immense need of our modern world forces us to awaken. 
Social destruction reigns as we face the consequences of a false allegiance to distorted values. Many are now calling for a spirituality honoring the sacred in all life. Dynamic creativity offers unsuspected opportunities to embrace values that sustain life and honor each one as we rediscover Sophia, Mother Wisdom.

Gain an understanding of the Divine Feminine and what this means to you and all planetary life. More is happening than the changing of the age, new energies are emerging and awakening new life. We will explore how to understand the shifts that are occurring and how to move with them into an inner peace and an emerging new reality. As the feminine takes on meaning for us, we will discover her tools and her concerns. Be with us for an introduction to Mother Wisdom; Sophia is her name.

The workshop will take place on July 18 from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Hanford House Conference Room in Sutter Creek. Contact Patsy for a registration brochure or go to the website for more information: www.sophiaswell. org

Reiki Healing Circle continue to be offered as a community service twice a month at Refresh at Sutter Creek.  The  Monday Healing Circle of  is followed by a World Healing Meditation.  

Contact Patsy Walker Fine at 418-9003 or email Patsy at sophiaswell@ for more informaion.  Go to www.sophiaswell. org to find out more about Sophia’s Well of Wisdom.




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