Active Meditation Techniques

Active Meditation Techniques

at Patty Miles Yoga Studio – 821 Murphys Creek Rd

6 Week Series: Thursday Evenings, 6 – 7:15 PM

April 23, 30                

May 14, 21, 28            .

& June 4                   

  $90.00 for series; $20 drop-in


Relaxation, De-Stressing, Grounding with

 Powerful Meditation Tools: Each week a Specific Focus

Engage with your own personal energy field, develop intuition and 

Learn tools to clear:                         

  • Physical and emotional tension,                                                                       
  • Past Anxiety and blockages                                                                    
  • Past experiences,Attachments and patterns that no longer serve us and support:
  • healing, new visions and goals,                                  
  • expanded experience of who you are in life
  • loving kindness and forgiveness                                       
  • Be grounded, focused, and clear –
  • Eliminate self-doubt, confusion and unnecessary fear.
  • Clear energy in the context of relationships –partners, children, bosses, anyone past or present
  • Envision outcomes, and incomes!

 Come, have fun, and  explore!

Johanna Atman, Ph.D. CMT, Whole Life Therapies, has many years of experience in Vipassana and proprioceptive meditation techniques, and has taught these special techniques to individual clients and small groups since 2000. 

Please call Johanna Atman (209)728-3569.                                          

  I am happy to answer your questions!

A second level class will follow for those wishing to continue.

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