EFT Workshop w/ Susan McMorris

 Come prepared to collapse some of your limiting beliefs and behaviors. Chart a NEW path for your life.

NEW technique collapses self limiting behavior, fears/phobias and enhances goal achievement! Rapid change in 85-90% of those engaged in the process! SMS teaches principles using FUN, EASY techniques.

1. Knocking down unknown barriers

2. What in the World are you Thinking??

3. Fixing the “potholes” in life

Facilitating consistent & permanent change without the use of needles, medical procedures, drugs, electronic devices, or long term billable hours with therapists. Painless, non-threatening and so simple almost anyone can be trained to use them.

Friday Evening 6-9
Saturday 10-4 (+)

Workshop cost $100 for both sessions 

The workshop will be in Murphys at Patty Miles’ Yoga Studio which is  beautiful, great energy place.

It is within walking distance of downtown Murphys for fabulous food and hotels if you wish to stay the night or the weekend (fun place to play).

Hotel Prices are about $110 for 2 doubles (or maybe 2 queens)

Historic Murphys Hotel or at the Murphys Inn Motel (price available only on internet for the INN)

Food is wonderful at several places. Not to mention the WINE! Lavender Ridge even has Organic wine.

Would YOU like FREEDOM from:










· Miracles happening every day

· Moving beyond deep trauma and living normal lives

· Fears/phobias eliminated allowing individuals to flourish

· Excess grief shed creating a brighter future

· Test anxiety collapsed opening new opportunities

· Personal achievement reaching new heights

· Corporate Absenteeism decreased

Informative video about Veterans with severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder www.emofree.com/splash/video_vets.asp





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